Multiple screen app - Tomy: An Anatomic Guide for Kids!

As a part of a school assignment in our 4th year in Shenkar, we were asked to design a mobile app containing multiple screens.

together with Palina Pol, we decided to make learning anatomy fun for kids!

Tomy employs one main screen which lets you to pick between two modes: "Explore" and "Treasure Hunt".

"Explore" - Start by picking a main area of the human body to start exploring Tomy’s body. Moving your phone around allows to see more parts that ultimately add up to Tomy’s whole body! 

After picking a certain area on one phone, such as the torso, each additional phone in “Explore” mode, stacked upon the previous phone digs deeper into Tomy’s body. This enables our young users to discover more body layers.

This way, users can uncover Tomy’s muscles, organs and bones!

“Treasure Hunt” - Tomy gives you a timed mission to find a certain body organ. For example, “Find the liver and start from the foot”. Scanning your phone through the leg, pelvis and torso brings you a bit closer, but the user must add two additional layers of phones in order to see the organs inside the torso. Once you find and click on the liver, you've completed your mission!


Check out Tomy's explanatory video: