Politicians in Facebook

These past years have shown a decline in public confidence in the political system, and how its policies are channeled to the public via mass media.

One would expect the internet - specifically social media outlets, such as Facebook, to help deal with this reality by creating direct contact between politicians and the general public, bypassing traditional channels of communication.

Much can be learned about a politician's tactics via his or her posts on Facebook. In my opinion, it is important to understand the motives of the writer in order to build an objective opinion about them.
I chose 11 Israeli politicians that interest me, and I sampled one week of their Facebook posts, specifically focusing on the following:

* When they publish posts.
* The topics they choose to write about.

 * The amount of likes, comments and shares they receive for each post.

My goal was to understand whether a connection could be found between all three points and the motive of the politician.
The project was completely unbiased, and did not attempt to side with a particular party, rather its aim was to present the data as it is, in a graphic way that we are not used to seeing on a daily basis.

Comment: Each rectangle represents one post. The larger the rectangle is, the more likes, comments and share that post received.

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Explanatory video: