In the final project in Shenkar, I started with

the question -

“what are the techniques that are used in order to influence our political views?”

In the research I made, I learned about the fascinating art of persuasion and rhetoric techniques that are used on us every day.

I realised that the more I am aware of these techniques, the more I “control” my persuasion when I hear politician’s speeches, and it was important for me to pass this information on in my project.

My challenge was to take the complex information I collected and make it simple and easy to understand.

“MINIPULATORIM”- The secret weapon of the politicians.

A personification of 5 manipulations, each one representing one rhetoric technique, that are used by politicians from the left and right wing.

Each “minipulator” has a different ability, which is chosen by the politician when necessary to assist

him or her.


Demagogor- Intimidation

Sentimentor - Emotion

Factor - Overloading facts

Provocator - Fermentation

Argumentor - Attacking the opponent


For each of them I prepared an explanatory video along with selected scenes where the Minipulator helps the politicians.

In addition, I created 3D figures that were presented along with the video in the Shenkar final

projects exhibition.

I have a hate\love relationship with these manipulations, because it is a tool that we use daily in debates, and in fact it is difficult to find a non-manipulative argument.

There are many attempts to influence our political opinion and sometimes we accept it without

paying attention.

So next time we look, if we really concentrate, maybe we will be able to see the Minipulatorim hanging around next to the politicians and maybe they’ll be next to us while we sit down to write our next

political post.