Isn't every day so dreamy and exciting and you get all your tasks done???

Oh... no?

Well, seems like you are just like everyone else. Sometimes you get bad days where everything goes wrong.

But how many of us handle our bad days and moods like we would like to?

Enter DOSE app!

The app calculates your mood from -10 to 10 (0 is balanced mode) by measuring your Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin and Endrophines (DOSE) levels, together with your current activities and location. DOSE helps to analyze your mood, and gives practical day to day activities that can boost your energy rather than waiting for it to pass or make it worse.

So, either go out jogging, take a shower or give a call to your elderly relative - and expect your day to be less stressful and more productive!

Don't let your bad days rule!


The app was made as a part of a 3rd year class assignment in Shenkar, where we were asked to design an app that is about happiness.